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Color therapy holds the potential to heal and harmonize ones life.  This is accomplished by utilizing color specific clothing and foods, exploring color in nature, visualization techniques, colored light therapy, interior decorating, art projects and much more. Meeting with a color consultant/therapist will get you going in the right direction and allow your life to blossom in so many ways.



Incorporating color into your life will encourage positive vibrations, bringing free flowing energy into your every day life. You'll feel vibrant while discovering a new zest for life.  And you just may, find yourself creating a whole new you!


who you are.


Using color to rejuvenate your life, will open up an abundance of energy channels, allowing you to find clarity and connect with the Devine spirit within.  Along the way, you will find yourself, in a blissful place that you have never experienced before.  Color is the key to self discovery. 

Stop talking

 Color is everywhere, and there for us to connect to and utilize as free energy. Consciously incorporating color into your life will bring forth inspiration and ideas that have been just waiting to unfold.  Your life will open up to endless potential for healing and life purpose. 

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Cathryn Dreams
Color Consultant
& Yoga Therapist

Cathryn Dreams has helped me tremendously. She has taught me so much about color and how to use it with intention. Color therapy has completely changed my life.  I have so much more clarity and focus. I have overcome so many obstacles in my career and my personal life. I feel free again! 

Samantha Jones- Client

Cathryn Dreams was hired as a color consultant with the intention to bring more color and productivity to our work place environment.  All of our employees have noticed the impact on their overall focus and clarity within their work space.  The customers always comment on the impact it has on their mood and and have even said they feel inspired as soon as they walk in the door!

John Martin- Client

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